DNA groups are small, gender-specific groups that meet at a variety of (usually public) locations for the purpose of studying Scripture and ministering the Word to one another. A DNA group has three elements:


A disciple is someone who is learning and applying the words of Christ (the Bible) and the work of Christ (the Gospel) to every part of their life. Discipleship happens best not in isolation, but in the context of community where we can be honest, open, and authentic about our lives.


We nurture one another as we bring the Gospel to bear on our sinful behaviors and negative emotions. We do this because we genuinely love each other and want to see Christ fully formed in each another.


We ask difficult questions of each other as we remind one other of the truths of the Bible and the declarations of the Gospel. We are working together to believe the sufficiency of the Gospel and the Word in each other’s lives.

Our vision for DNA groups is to develop a deeper knowledge of the Scriptures, yielding deeper affections for Christ so that we are competent, equipped servants of Christ.

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