We are committed to planting Gospel-centered, missional churches. We are firmly convinced that planting new churches is an effective strategy for living out the Great Commission and expanding Jesus’ kingdom.

Regionally, we will continue to replicate our mission and vision, as a church, in new The Point Community Church campuses. We are always open to the possibility of networking with like-minded, church-planting men who would want to partner with us in planting The Point in other parts of Kentucky.  We also help other churches with similar structure be planted across North America. These churches would be autonomous from The Point, while our campuses are governed and lead by The Point’s elder body. Periodically, we are able to bring men in and train them for a season and then send them to plant new works. Globally, as a member of the Acts 29 Network, we have a part in seeing vibrant churches be planted in all the world.

Acts 29 Churches Planting Churches

Our Church Plants

eden village church

Savannah, Georgia

In 2011, we planted Eden Village Church in Savannah, Georgia. Ernie & Lisa Banks and Jack & Brittany Cheadle were a part of our Church Planting Residency Program, and after a season with us they and their families moved to Savannah to plant a new work.

redemption hill church

Indianapolis, Indiana

In 2010, we planted Redemption Hill Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our Church Planting Resident, Jason Hampton, returned to his hometown of Indianapolis and, along with his core team, planted Redemption Hill.