Project Renovate


Dear Family,

Good News

God is graciously adding to this expression of His church! In both Lexington and Frankfort, we have seen an increase in people attending, getting connected, and maturing in their faith. We feel tremendously blessed and excited about the future. At this point, we are completely on track when it comes to giving and our budget. God has blessed this family through your faithful and oftentimes sacrificial giving. We have been able to meet all our budgetary obligations, maintain our goal amount in reserves, add additional part-time staff, and even meet several unplanned ministry needs so far this year.

Our Heart

We want to be faithful and wise stewards of all the resources that God entrusts to us. We never want buildings, property, or equipment to sidetrack us from our mission of making much of Jesus and investing in people. Our desire is to gather in a functional, not elaborate, cost-efficient space and to sensibly use technology as a means, not as an end.

Project Renovate

Currently, we have reached capacity in several areas, some spaces could be greatly enhanced by a few renovation projects, and some of our audio/visual equipment needs to be updated. Lexington’s worship space has been running at full seating capacity for the past two months. We have acquired an additional suite in the complex where we gather. This suite will be renovated as a children’s ministry suite, and in the current space, walls will be demolished so that the worship space can be enlarged to accommodate more people. Lexington was launched with sound equipment that had been pieced together from a small surplus in Frankfort. The equipment is not fully functional and is inadequate for their current and future needs. In Frankfort, we want to add an additional room for mothers with newborn/nursing babies. Presently, they are in a shared space, so this room would give them the privacy needed. The room for our preschool children needs to be renovated. We want to create a space that is conducive for learning and aesthetically age-appropriate. The café needs to be revamped to allow for a better flow of people. This can be accomplished by creating a new designated children’s ministry check-in area. Also, the video projectors used in Frankfort’s worship space are over 7 years old, and one projector has a bad color board that cannot be repaired. They both need to be replaced.

Your Part

Overall, we believe that this renovation project will cost approximately $20,000. Certainly, we have prioritized the list of tasks, but we feel that the overall project is wise, prudent, and within our vision for buildings and space. We know that our budget cannot absorb this project and that it is outside our normal operating budget. We are asking everyone who is part of The Point family to prayerfully consider what they can contribute as a gift to make this happen. This gift would be outside of your regular giving. If you don’t know where to start, think about donating $100. If you can give more, give more. If you can’t give that much, give less. Either way, we are inviting you to joyfully invest in this project as a gift to our kids, our families, and the folks who have yet to connect with us.

Ways to Give

Over the next three months, we would like to ask you to give to fund this project. You can write a check (designate it “Project Renovate”) and either drop it in the offering baskets at either campus or mail it to:

The Point Community Church
P.O. Box 4611
Frankfort, KY 40604

Give Online


Please know that it is a joy to serve this body of people as we pursue Jesus and His glory.

The Elders

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