PCG Reboot

Written by John Elliott

PCG Reboot graphicWhen we truly understand His church IS NOT a building and IS a people who follow Jesus, it’s impossible to deny the role of community in following Jesus. In fact, you will notice Scripture has been superintended by God to address groups of people. How many times does a book of the Bible open up with “To the saints of…”? Most of the New Testament books are addressed to bodies of people. This alone indicates there is a call for community. Be mindful, community is a declaration of Jesus’ restoration of the image sin has broken by drawing us into fellowship within one another.

Nearly 60 places in the New Testament call us to do something to “one another”–“love one another” (John 13:34), “honor one another” (Rom 12:10), “instruct one another” (Rom 15:14), “encourage one another” (1 Thes 4:18). While this list is not exhaustive, how are these things, along with the many others, even remotely possible without authentic community? While many of today’s churches have tried to program this element of being His church, it’s truly impossible to create a cookie-cutter approach to living in community–primarily because we are all messy individuals.

This may actually deter people from even wanting something more authentic. When community gets real, people unload a lot of truth you may not be ready to hear. While most of us will be quick to think there’s no need to letting someone else know about my struggles. But you must understand true community shuts down pride as our response to following leads us to embrace His humble, communal identity. Plus, creating some standardized approach can’t really account for the unique combinations of junk brought into a community.

On Saturday, August 24th, we, at The Point Community Church, will begin to assess our current state of community as we ensure community isn’t simply something we do as we train our current and potential PCG Leaders and their wives in an event we call “PCG Reboot”. Community is who we are in Christ. As followers of Jesus, we want our community groups to embrace our core identities: Family, Servants, Learners, and Worshipers. We want to invite anyone interested in leading a community group at The Point to join us for our PCG Reboot.

Our ultimate goal is to see each of these identities flow from our living rooms into the cities we serve. If we are to be a light in this dark world (Matt 5:14), it will be more authentic and influential shining through our lives as we walk through our weeks rather than 90 minutes on Sunday. As we “Reboot” our community groups, we want to unleash His Word on ourselves and the city. For our family at The Point, we ask for your prayers as we begin to fine tune our direction in order to embrace our identity in Jesus.

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