Timur Nesbitt at Frankfort Campus

This Sunday, the Frankfort campus has the privilege of hearing from Timur Nesbitt, a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. By way of introduction, we’ve included his testimony below:

As a 10-year-old boy living in an orphanage in Central Asia, Timur had no concept of unconditional love. He had been abandoned in the hospital after birth and never knew his parents. Survival required him to be guarded and self-reliant.

That year two pivotal events occurred in his life. A boy his age moved into the orphanage and boldly shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with the other children. Timur and his friends ridiculed the boy and punched him. Inexplicably to Timur, the boy did not fight back and held to his beliefs.

Then local Christians visited the orphanage and gave out Bibles. Through their message, Timur realized how much Jesus loved him, and he received Him as Savior. The first thing Timur did was reconcile with the boy he had persecuted. The two became friends and led many of their classmates to faith in Christ.

At age 13, Timur received an Operation Christmas Child shoe box—the first gift he had ever received. Inside was a yo-yo, Tootsie Roll candy, school supplies, and a letter and photo from a boy in Texas who packed the box.

“The shoe box reminded me of Jesus’ love for me, that He forgave me of my sins and that I should forgive my parents for what they did to me,” said Timur. “When I forgave them, God set me free from the bitterness.”

Three years later, Timur was adopted by an American missionary family from Iowa. He learned about Operation Christmas Child and excitedly told them he had received a shoe box gift. Now a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky, Timur plans to return to his home country to bring the message of God’s healing love to others who are hurting.

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