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The following is a letter from Frank Phillips…

I want to thank you as an elder of the Point Community Church for your response to our recent need for support. It is evidence that God is Gracious.

That need revealed that we as a church need to teach biblical financial principles. Whereas the Point responded in a very gracious way when asked, our members should know that they need to support the church in a consistent manner. The need was that last month around the 15th we were not going to be able to pay our pastors nor pay our regular bills. Your giving was overwhelming in response to the email from the elders that announcing the need. We were able to make payroll and pay the bills, as well as put some money away as a buffer. Praise the Lord!

One of the best ways to teach biblical principles is through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes. We are starting a class on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. It is for our members and for anyone who is interested. Dave is very entertaining, yet very good at teaching steps to financial peace. The class does take a commitment as it goes for several weeks. There is homework. And there is a fee for the kit.

We took Financial Peace University (FPU) about 8 years ago. FPU changed our lives. Before, we lived paycheck to paycheck and knew nothing about saving or investing. We lived for the moment. That was all right until I gave up my good government job and started my own business some 17 years ago in Nebraska. I will make that story short by saying it was a financial disaster and I got into a lot of debt. Thankfully I got a state job in 2002 here in Kentucky, but we were still in debt. After we joined that first FPU class in 2004, we started Dave’s baby steps. About 18 months later, we were debt free except for the house mortgage. That was incredible to me. I thought I was going to be in debt the rest of my life.

This is our experience with tithing. Shortly after Vivian and I were saved in Montana in 1982, we learned about tithing (the biblical principle for supporting the local church). As soon as I learned that we were called by the Scriptures to give a tenth of our earnings to the church where we attended, I told Vivian that was what we were going to do. Vivian was shocked when she figured up how much that was and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do that. As a new believer, I was confident that God was telling me to do that and I obeyed. God was faithful and I have never regretted tithing, even though we did not practice the other biblical financial principles. I like to say that 90% goes a lot farther than 100%. We tithed even through our financial disaster.

God is gracious and He wants us to be gracious as well. Tithing is a step of faith and it opposes our tendency to hang on to what we have. God doesn’t need our money. He owns the universe. He wants our hearts.

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