KidStyle Name Change

Attention: Families with Children K-3rd Grade

We want to make you aware of some important changes we will be making in our Sunday morning gatherings beginning in October.

Kidstyle Name Change

We will be changing the name of our Sunday morning children’s worship gathering from KidStyle Worship to KidsPoint Worship. We feel that names and terminology teach. The title KidStyle Worship focuses on the difference in style of how adults and kids worship. However, KidsPoint Worship focuses more on what we have gathered to do and who is doing it. It also acknowledges that the children are worshipping within the context of the larger Point Body. We want to put the focus more on the reason for gathering as the Point Body, which is for worshiping, and less on the way we worship.

Time Change

We value families at The Point and have concluded there is as much intrinsic value in children experiencing worship with their families in the larger corporate setting as there is in departmentalized instruction. That is why we dismiss our children from their gathering into the larger gathering during the response time each week rather than having them stay in their area until the end.

After evaluating what we value and how it is practiced, we will be experimenting with the following change effective 10/2/11:

Children, K-3, will gather with their families in the larger corporate gathering at the beginning of each service instead of at the end. They will remain with their families during the first half of the liturgy and will have the option to be dismissed to their teacher prior to the preaching.


  • Worship Flow: The response time following the message is a special time when God uses the Truth of His Word and the power of His Spirit to be operative in the lives of people. Dismissing children at the front end of the service allows families an unhindered time to respond without having to worry about retrieving their children during that time. Instead, children will be picked up immediately following the service. (For security purposes, children will not be allowed to leave until a parent picks them up)
  • Visitors & Late-Comers: Finally, dismissing at the front of the service rather than the end lets visitors know we have an optional gathering for their children and allows late-comers and visitors alike to dismiss their children at the same time. This can be helpful in avoiding awkward moments.

Why we provide an opportunity for children to worship with the congregation

Children learn by example as well as instruction. By participating and observing in the larger worship gathering, we exemplify what it means to gather as The Church. This is a great opportunity for parents to teach their children that worship is a verb, not a noun. It’s what we do, not where we go. Typically, the front end of our liturgy allows for more participation and is more celebrative and engaging for children.

Preparation: Joining the larger gathering for a brief time each week helps children be prepared for the time when they age out of KidsPoint. It helps them know what to expect when they join in the larger context and helps them to not be intimidated.

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