Re-Org of Preschool and Children’s Ministry

Pastor John Martin

Over the last several months we have seen great evidence of God growing His Church. One result of that growth has been more families with children coming to The Point. Another result of God at work has been the addition of our Lexington campus.

These two elements of growth have brought us to a new level of need within the area of ministry to children and families. We are now in a season of the life of our church where we see the need to streamline between the campuses and give more time and commitment to the forward momentum of ministry to children. This will require more time, energy, planning and efficiency necessitating some office hours during the work week in order to be most productive and effective. The best way we can require and accommodate that kind of commitment at this stage in the life of the Church is to combine both the current preschool and children’s ministry roles into one position.

Tabitha Wainscott, who currently serves as our children’s director, has served children and families at The Point faithfully and well during her time in this role. She has been and continues to be a blessing to our church family. Her giftedness and passion for teaching children have noticeably made a lasting impact for the gospel. Apart from her ministry at The Point, Tabitha is employed full time with the state in the Department of Revenue. With the merging of the two director roles and streamlining between campuses come added responsibilities and time commitments that would make the forward momentum we need at this time very difficult for someone with a full time job. After speaking with Tabitha, we have made the following decisions:

1) Tabitha will move from Children’s Director to Kidstyle Worship Coordinator. We feel like this move best accentuates Tabitha’s gifts and passions as she excels relationally and as a teacher of children. Additionally, Tabitha will serve as a teacher and key leader within the area of children’s ministry (mid-week programs, camps, etc…).

2) Jenna Huesing will assume the position of Children’s Ministry Director. This will entail leadership and over sight of both preschool (birth-preK) and Children’s (Grades K-5) ministry. Jenna, like Tabitha, is very gifted in areas of teaching and additionally, administration. She is currently in a season of her life where she is able and available to give the time and energy needed for the forward momentum of the ministry. Like Tabitha, Jenna has a passion to see children come to know and follow Christ and families equipped to lead their children. Jenna has agreed to a two year commitment in this role and will be evaluated regularly.

These changes have been evaluated, prayed over and reviewed by the Elders and will be effective January 1, 2011. Should you have any questions or concerns or if there is a way we can serve your family, feel free to contact me.

I am very excited about the future of children’s ministry at The Point. Please join me in showing appreciation to Tabitha for her faithfulness in serving and welcoming Jenna as she begins her new role.

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