Parent Summit – Level II


The Parent Summit: Level II serves to resource, equip and encourage parents of teenagers.  As parents we are called by Scripture to nurture our children’s faith at home and to lead them into a solid understanding and application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For years parents have looked to the church as the primary spiritual training ground for their children.  Although, what we find in scripture is that the main responsibility of spiritual training lies with the parents, not the church.  This may appear to be daunting, but the Body serves to assist you in carrying out this task.  We understand that parenting, guiding, and shepherding teenagers has its own set of difficulties.  This is why we host parent workshops like Parent Summit.  It is so you can network with other like-minded parents, learn from trusted teachers, and be encouraged by the truth of the Gospel- it is God working through you (Philippians 2:13).

It is a free event for all parents and will be held on October 2nd from 9:00-12:00 at Venue 328 (328 St. Clair St. Frankfort).  Breakfast will be provided.  Please register onlineNo childcare is available for this event.

Featured Speaker | Dr. David E. Adams

Professor of Youth Ministry (1999); Executive Director, The International Center for Youth and Family Ministry

Dr. Adams serves as the Executive Director of The International Center for Youth and Family Ministry. He is the founder of Youth Ministry Development, an organization for equipping and empowering God directed leaders through the local church. He joined the faculty at Southern after serving as president of Lexington Baptist College for five years. Prior to that, he ministered at Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University for 21 years, and is recipient of the “Liberty University Lifetime Achievement Award.”


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