Some Rationale for Launching a Multi-Site Strategy with a Lexington Campus

We are constantly asking God what is next for our church. There are several key factors that lead us to believe that now is the time to plant a TPCC campus in Lexington.

  1. The call of God and the love of Christ compels us to take the gospel to Lexington.
  2. More and more people are driving to Frankfort from Lexington to be part of The Point.
  3. There is a need for a gospel-centered church in downtown Lexington. There are many good, gospel-centric churches in Lexington, it remains one of the most unchurched areas in the eastern United States.
  4. Our vision has always been to plant churches and be a multi-site church.
  5. There is a very strong desire in Lexington for an Acts 29 church. Lexington folks are asking for an Acts 29 church.
  6. Lexington is the regional hub and a city of influence; we further influence our region with the gospel by being in Lexington.
  7. We believe in our God-given mission and vision,  and we want to see it replicated throughout our region For God’s glory and the fame of Jesus.
  8. Having multiple sites throughout our region is a much better growth model and certainly is a better stewardship of resources than buying lots of property and building larger and larger buildings.
  9. Jesus commanded this. Paul modeled this.

The Point is already a regional church with people attending regularly from seven or more counties. As a regional church, multi-site has always been part of our vision and has evolved into a very proactive approach to establish and empower a strong network of local campuses that each have a campus pastor, a team of elders, deacons, and a core of faithful and dedicated members. In this way, we have decided to establish gospel centered, missional communities throughout Central Kentucky.

Our multi-campus approach allows us to function as one church that meets in many different locations. Each campus in and of itself does the work of a biblical church—including teaching, pastoral shepherding and leadership, large gatherings, small group gatherings for community and fellowship, membership, financial giving, communion, baptizing new Christians, and serving as missionaries to their context. Each campus pastor will serve as the primary preacher for that campus and will serve on our preaching team. We will have one elder body which governs all sites (or campuses), and each campus will have campus-specific shepherding elders. There will be more about the eldership structure in another upcoming article.

While each campus functions much like its own church we have also recognized that there are very strategic resources, benefits, and blessings that come from being a single church entity as The Point Community Church. Those resources are primarily: vision, mission, preaching, theological unity, church planting efforts, administrative operations, technology, leadership training and ministry development. Through these shared resources we work together for the good of the gospel, regardless of campus affiliation. Our goal is not to become a large church in one place, rather we hope to become an influential church which advances the gospel through several sites.

As we continue to expand geographically throughout Central Kentucky we are always wrestling with the question of how to effectively operate the balance between distributed and centralized leadership and care for the people who call The Point home. This is not us sending a church planter to Lexington, this is us going to Lexington. We can go to Lexington swiftly and rather easily because of the close proximity and similar contexts of Frankfort and Lexington.

In the coming days and weeks, our pastors will be writing articles, which cast and capture the vision of our multi-site model and how we hope to have a large gospel impact on our region and beyond. The Point will be ONE church in more than one location.

To God be the glory as He builds His church! (by the way, we really mean it when we say this!)

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