Leadership Transitions

God is growing The Point. As we grow so does our complexity, along with the need to be shifting people in and out of certain positions. These changes officially take place on June 1, 2009.

  1. John Martin is now serving as our Worship Arts Pastor. This is in addition to his role of Family Life, which consists of general oversight of preschool, children and youth ministries. In order to make room for the worship role, we have decreased his role of leading all missions and outreach projects. Pastor John will plan, coordinate and lead in worship. We have been, and continue to be, blessed by Brad Chase and John Bennett who are gifted worship leaders. Both men will continue to be involved in various aspects of the worship ministry and the broader ministry of the church. I personally am so grateful for both Brad and John Bennett; they have brought our worship ministry to a very good place.
  2. Tim Chase is now serving as our Integration (assimilation) Coordinator. This will be a significant leap forward for us as we become more intentional about moving people from being guests toward being committed followers of Jesus who are serving in the church. Tim will serve under Pastor Shane McGrath.
  3. Brad Chase has resigned from serving as an Elder. He announced this to the church on Sunday May 17. The reason for his resignation is simple but important: his kids are at an age where he wants to invest as much time with them as possible. He is setting an example of priorities for us all- family before ministry. He and his family are staying put of course; they love The Point and are happy to be a part of our family.
  4. Cyndi Hall will begin serving as our Preschool Director. Paula Long has served for a season and has prepared her team for this transition. Paula has done a terrific job at developing this critical ministry to preschoolers and their families. We are excited to have Cyndi in this vital role.
  5. Billy and Sarah Reddick have been serving in our student ministry by assisting Jason and Marri. Billy is a very gifted and passionate youth minister. We quickly realized that Billy is the right man at the right time to take our student ministry leadership. Billy is now our Student Minister. We are so grateful for Jason and Marri Hampton’s role in our student ministry for the past six months; Jason will continue to lead the High School PCG for the foreseeable future.
  6. Jason Hampton will now serve as our first Church Planting Resident. We have recently launched “Church Planting Initiatives”, which is our formal church planting entity. Read more about it here. Jason and Marri are excited to transition into this role and continue to develop as church planters.
  7. Jeremy Triplett has transitioned out of being the Community Group coordinator. Jeremy has served well in this role for more than two years and we are grateful for his leadership. He will continue to serve in a vital role as part of the worship bands. Pastor Shane McGrath will oversee and coordinate Point Community Groups.
  8. Pastor Shane McGrath’s title will change from Development Pastor to “Pastor of Adult Ministries and Groups”. This better reflects the primary ministries under his leadership.
  9. Ashley Martin is now serving as our First Impressions Director. She will oversee ministries such as greeters, welcome kiosk and the Café.
  10. The Lead Team will meet once monthly and will now consist of these positions:
    • Lead Pastor
    • Pastor of Adult Ministries and Groups
    • Pastor of Worship Arts and Family Life
    • Student Minister
    • Preschool Director
    • Children’s Director
    • Administrative Director
    • Integration Director
    • Communications Director
    • First Impressions Director

Please cover these men and women with prayer as they lead us in these vital areas of ministry. We are so blessed to have many, many gifted leaders who are faithfully serving God through His church at The Point.

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